I'm Elizabeth - A modern photography studio for those who love muted tones, editorial styles, and intentional imagery that lasts for ages.

I grew up in a big Irish-Catholic family. Dinner tables were loud, schedules were busy, but despite the day-to-day happy chaos, my mother always found time to document life exactly as it was: the major milestones, messy everyday moments, and everything in between. She was just a mom, trying to freeze time with her kids through drug store disposables and point-and-shoot cameras, but the legacies through loose prints that she created for us is the greatest gift.

To this day, it doesn’t take much to find an excuse to dig out the endless bins of uncategorized photos. At the drop of a hat, we fall into a nostalgic state with thousands of photographs spread across the living room floor, passing every one through each of our hands. Flipping through our parent’s wedding album, piecing together our family tree, reflecting over military portraits, adoring those who have left us, and laughing over the ‘90s childhood fashion. Truthfully, I’ve always been captivated by these spur-the-moment trips down memory lane, re-telling stories about our family history. I think deep down this is why I fell in love with wedding photography. To give that same gift of documenting a legacy with deep family roots. To pull back the curtain on who your family is, understand and celebrate what your culture and traditions are like, and create heirlooms that will live on for generations.

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